Meet the Lownsberrys

Tracy Lownsberry is a former Law Enforcement Officer who transitioned into a successful career as a Financial Professional. He served eight years in the United States Army before settling in Northern Michigan with his wife, Elizabeth. Together, they have three children: Jaxson, their 3-year-old son, and twin 7-month-old sons, Isaiah and Jonah.

The Lownsberry household is a bit busy, but Tracy and Elizabeth prioritize their faith, family, and the ethical and educational principles of their business. This balanced approach has been a true blessing in their lives.

Tracy's focus for his firm is to help others achieve their hopes, wants, and dreams in retirement. He believes retirement needs should have solutions driven by guarantees and takes pride in providing a level of education that never comes with a sales pitch. Providing solutions to common and uncommon obstacles faced in retirement is what he does best.
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Tracy's Education

Tracy graduated from Ferris State University with a BA in Criminal Justice as a Certified Law Enforcement Officer. During his time at FSU, Tracy joined the United States Army and served for 8 years in Special Operations domestically. As a strong man of faith, Tracy felt his calling to serve others was being directed outside of Law Enforcement so he took a leap of faith into financial services. Tracy now serves others by solving financial problems daily. Tracy is one of the nations top trainers in his field and has helped over 3,000 other financial services professionals gain a better understanding of safe money solutions for their clients. Tracy has a team of over 50 independently contracted professionals all across the country and loves working closely with them to help their clients.


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